Robert Jjuuko is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands pursuing a research project on Ugandan young people’s education and employment transitions with a focus on agricultural productivity. A graduate of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa with a Master of Education, he holds a Bachelor of Adult and Community Education Degree of Makerere University, Uganda.




Robert Jjuuko is an adult educator with profound practical and theoretical experience in the design and delivery of education and training interventions for the socially and educationally disadvantaged youths and adults.  His expertise in strengthening the capacity of educators, trainers and tutors to use practice-based methodologies is augmented by experiential knowledge in education and skills development policy analysis and advocacy at local, national and global levels.




He has steered the founding of local and national interventions in the fields of youth and adult literacy as well as vocational skills development.  His work and research in the area of youth skills development for over 15 years is evidenced by not only the establishment of a life and livelihoods  skills training centre in East Central Uganda but also by his published monograph titled ‘developing vocational skills of youths with incomplete schooling – a case study of private provision in Uganda. He has taught at Kyambogo University since 2012 until 2015 in the department of adult and community education