Robert Jjuuko, PhD is a Ugandan researcher, educationist and development consultant with more than 15 years of theoretical and practical expertise in education and social transformation of disadvantaged young people and other vulnerable groups. He defended his thesis titled ‘Youth transition, agricultural education and employment in Uganda: Freeing individual agency’ in 2021 at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.



He has a good contextual understanding of the education and development landscape in Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa. He has university teaching experience in the fields of community development, qualitative research methods, community education and project management. He possesses practical skills in the design, implementation and evaluation of education & social development interventions.




Robert Jjuuko’s concern and passion for the promotion and defense of education and social justice is manifested in his research, publications, advocacy and practical service delivery at different levels.  He has co-founded a couple of local and national social development organizations such as EDI Uganda and Uganda Adult Education Network.  He is affiliated to several local and global institutions and processes for promoting education for all children, youth and adults.